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GiveWP is built from the ground up to provide an intuitive, easy to use donation form so your donors spend less time fiddling and more time giving. Forms can be added to your website as a stand-alone page, embedded via our shortcode generator, or placed into any of your theme’s sidebars with the Give widget. For more information please visit DEMO link.

Demo Link
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  • quickly setup powerful donation acceptance forms
  • Flexible options and enhancements makes customization a breeze
  • A Growing library of add-ons to Extend and Enhance your Site’s donation experience.
Change Log
  • New: Added support for multiple messages passed to Give’s internal notice API.
  • New: Added a new check for add-ons to always check the minimum Give version required prior to being able to update. This will prevent the case where an add-on is updated and requires a new version of Give Core than is currently running and deactivates itself.
  • Tweak: Improved how a donation amount is saved within the internal Give_Payment class.
  • Tweak: If a gateway is marked as disabled in the admin settings then disable the option to set it as the default gateway.
  • Fix: Improved the layout of the export donations columns so that they look good on mobile devices and more.
  • Fix: Preventing PHP notices related to AKISMET admin settings when saving.
  • Fix: Prevent the licenses tab from displaying in settings if there are no add-ons installed.
  • Fix: The Give API was not respecting date ranges for earnings and donations endpoints.
  • Fix: Plugin conflict with WPML where the plugin would display language settings within Give’s admin settings incorrectly.
  • Fix: In button mode text would display incorrectly from the form if closing the modal popup.
  • Fix: Plugin conflict where WPML would cause the give_totals shortcode to output the incorrect donation amounts
  • Fix: The Give notice dismiss button should work when rendering Give notices using JS.
  • Fix: Theme conflict with Woo’s Storefron theme where Give’s admin footer text would overlap some elements.
  • Fix: Ensure that Give’s state field doesn’t lose its style when switching countries.
  • Fix: Don’t allow the set donation amount to be less than the minimum amount when saving donation forms in wp-admin.
  • Fix: The “total” attribute is now required for the give_totals shortcode so you don’t have a blank goal displaying on the website.
  • Fix: Resolved a form grid shortcode issue where the Payment Method field would display incorrect when only one gateway is enabled.
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